Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Burgertech & Audrey Russell @ ADA this Friday May 7,2010

Come by and meet the arteests, Audrey Hasen Russell and Burgertech, as they'll be driving down from Queens, NY this Friday to mingle & answer all your burning questions about their work. Like, " How are you guys so awesome?" or "Why isn't this in the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts" or "How Do you get your beardstache to look like that?" See more.. , I'll have more pics up when I return from the NEXT fair in Chicago tonight.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

ADA gallery is at the NEXT fair in Chicago

"The Last Shall Be First" by Jared Clark is one of the awesome pieces we have at the NEXT fair going on at the Merchandise Mart building in Chicago. We've got stills from Vault of Vapors by George Kuchar. Cut magazine super works by Kirsten Kindler, great photos by VCU photo prof. Paul Thulin, some fabric collages by Kate Woodliff, a sweet painting by Cliff Hengst, and a paper towel machine loaded w/ drawings by Daniel Davidson. Come by !!!!! more photos to come...