Friday, March 23, 2012

ARTINFO spotlights George Kuchar's Snapshots & Twisted Tales in yesterday's "On The Ground" segment!

ADA's curated a show of George Kuchar's work at ADA Gallery's sister gallery in
NYC, Mulherin + Pollard. And we got a wonderful shout out from's 
"On The Ground" 
Last Week to See George Kuchar’s Comical “Snapshots & Twisted Tales”

George Kuchar, the prolific American filmmaker, who pioneered the campy cinematic styles that have inspired the likes of John Waters and David Lynch, is celebrated in this posthumous exhibition as a graphic artist. Kuchar’s work was featured recently in MoMA PS1’s retrospective of his films, “George Kuchar: Pagan Rapsodies,” and a selection of his Weather Diaries (video work from 1986-2011) can currently be seen at the Whitney Biennial.
In this intimate show, quirky, zine-style works on paper from his early career from “Arcade: The Comics Revue,” as well as childhood drawings, cartoons from the 1950s from his student years at the School of Industrial Art (also known as the Manhattan School of Art and Design) trace the often explored themes of food, heartthrobs, and day to day trivial life. Photographs, portraits and personal snapshots by the artist from his travels provide context for the early work on display, and help to make the exhibition a unique window into Kuchar himself.
–Alanna Martinez

thanks Alanna & ArtInfo

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Gian Pierroti's MOBILE FIRING UNIT & other works

see more here at Gian's site
don't miss our opening Thursday March 15th at ADA in Richmond. 

Gian Pierroti & Allan Ludwig present PWR DWN = PWR UP at ADA

Gian Pierotti and Allan Ludwig:
Opening Thursday March 15th, 6–8
ADA Gallery, 228 West Broad Street, Richmond, Va.
Gian Pierotti and Allan Ludwig are artists dealing with shared concerns regarding our unstable societal systems and the need to prepare for a collapse they see as inevitable. They seek refuge through their works, hoping to provide alternatives and create constructive visions for the future.
Pierotti recasts the traditional medium of clay into a wildly inventive practice of ceramics, producing his playfully eccentric takes on everyday objects. His sculptures (tents, a bread oven on wheels, a hook on chains, knives, barrels) suggest the imaginary artifacts of survival tools to be used during some unnamed future calamity.
Ludwig explores the possibilities presented by grid systems to make sense of the world by remapping and rebuilding the everyday objects and images around us. Through an understanding of the foundations of form by means of the grid, he suggests that we can visualize the potential for revolutionary new systems and structures.
Both artists employ elements of fantasy and the speculative nature of science fiction into their work. Through these humble building blocks of a proposed future, they reimagine the familiar and suggest a reconsideration and remaking of society and the world itself.
Gian Pierotti was born in 1975 in Utah and raised in the mountainous regions of the West. Glimmers of a future artistic calling were present in his youthful fabrications of make-believe weapons from the vines and brambles in his surrounding environs. More recently he participated in a Dungeons & Dragons-themed show Doom Slangers at Allegra La Viola Gallery, New York, as well as receiving his MFA in the Crafts Department of Virginia Commonwealth University.
Born in 1977 in Orlando, Florida, Allan Ludwig’s artistic career was launched when he won a Wheel of Fortune board game in a coloring contest from the local newspaper. He later earned a BFA in painting from Brigham Young University in 2004 and his MFA in painting from Claremont Graduate University in 2007. His work has been published in New American Paintings. He is presently immersed in reading 20 years worth of Madman comics.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

George Kuchar & The Whitney Biennial - Screenings April 18 - 22nd

Well, By now you've all probably heard that our friend & gallery artist George Kuchar is in the 2012 Whitney Biennial. A selection of films & video's from George's "Weather Diaries" will screen at the Whitney Museum April 18 - April 22nd. Be sure to go see them!! 
My only disappointment is that there didn't seem to be any tangible evidence of the film & video artists at the opening that I went to last Tuesday. It would have been nice & appropriate to have stills of each artist with their names on a wall outside or near the theater where they will be shown. Besides giving the artists a bit more presence at the Biennial, it would also be good advertising for screenings that are over a month away. Just a thought. 
While I'm dreaming.. I wish I could make pancakes in the back of the screening room, like George & I did at ATA in San Francisco in 199?. We broke ATA's attendance records that weekend (we had a Fri, Sat & Sun screenings) but our Free Pancake Sunday Screening really had the hipsters lined up around the block!
George showed up at 11am with some hot Milwaukee's Best. He & I sat in the projection room & sipped away. 
George was so proud to be included in the Biennial as an artist, though I must say, I think his beautiful mug  shown on the Oscars at the Academy Awards would have really made him so happy.
 Those were his people.