Wednesday, January 25, 2012

WILLIE by Able Brown!

SAT. JAN. 28

I love the bend in the guitar!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

THURSDAY JANUARY 26th, 6-8pm (VA.BEACH) JARED LINDAY CLARK at the newly named MOCA!!

Jared Lindsay Clark returns to Virginia (MFA at VCU) from his home in Salt Lake City, Utah for his opening at the newly named Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art  (MOCA)  this Thursday, January 26th. (220 Parks Ave. Virginia Beach)  Jared comes fresh off an exciting exhibit at the Salt Lake Art Center, The Utah Museum of Contemporary Art with two incredible 'bild' installations which can be seen below. He will be creating a small build at the MOCA this week, and another in New York City the following week for our opening at ADA Gallery's sister space , Mulherin + Pollard.  Jared will be showing with Bruce Wilhelm and Shannon Wright, Opening February 3rd. 6-9pm. (187 Chrystie St. NYC) 

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Enjoy these stills from George Kuchar's 1970 film Pagan Rhapsody !!

Once again notice the hand painted titles in George's 1970 film, Pagan Rhapsody. 
Yes, that's Larry Liebowitz making another appearance in a Kuchar classic. 

These photographs are courtesy George Kuchar's estate & ADA gallery. 
So if you repost them, be sure and include that credit line please.

Man isn't it wonderful all the recent events & exhibits in honor & tribute of George.
 The timing sucks.. but that's nothing new now is it. 
Long Live George. 
Speaking of long live.. I, An Actress was included in this years Film Registry
 for films to be preserved forever at the Library of Congress. 
Pretty cool Georgie. 

George & I in Miami in 2009.

I might have posted this already, though i think i posted another image from the same night. 
We're at Tap Tap in Miami. Our friend Mimi's pal KK owns this wonderful Haitian restaurant. 
I had goat stew and buy the look of the photo.. a mojito. a nipple tweaking good time was had by all. 

going over George Kuchar's 3d photos..

Here's George reading a script at his Mom's house in the Bronx.
I've got lots of these photos, I'll upload them periodically.