Wednesday, December 31, 2008

David Byrne @ ADA in Miami 2006

Another throw back from ADA gallery's time machine... David Byrne stopped by my booth at Scope Miami back in December of 2006. In the background of the photo is Shannon Wright's miracle healing Kidney / Urinary tract wallpaper and other works. He seemed to really like a piece by Sandra Luckett, which was a record player w/ a disco ball and a forest of winterized trees that spun around and made a shiny version of the Northern Lights on the wall.
I been in love w/ the Talking Heads & DB's work since I was in middle school. Talking Heads 77 is one of the best records ever. And He came by ADA gallery again at Scope New York 2007 with friend Cindy Sherman , who bought a piece !! I swear I was oh-so-close to simultaneously passing out & crying upon two of my heroes.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

another drawing by ABLE BROWN (upcoming CRUDE SHOW)


This is the original drawing created by SHANNON WRIGHT which showed in our booth at SCOPE MIAMI 08. It is based on Afghan war rugs and in the tread of the tire she immortalizes both the victims and the victimizers of the war in Afghanistan. We also had a tire "re-tread" which was a hand poured rubber piece made from the drawing. And we found a tire re-treader who will be helping us finish off the piece with full scale tires. For info contact ada gallery,


FLESH OF MY FLESH, 2008. About 2,600 articles of clothing form this amazingly beautiful piece by Queens, NY resident Derick Melander. ADA was supposed to show this piece in November in Richmond... when I (ada) got sick and couldn't pull off the van w/ 800 lbs. of clothes... so SCOPE made this a special project space piece and put it right as you walked in the door. It was a hit.


Curator Robert Curcio introduced ADA to Ginna Triplett and her wonderful drawings a few years ago. She joins quite a cast of characters this month for the CRUDE show. Crude = raw for some of these artists.. Crude = naughty or grotesque for some of these artists ...
Also this month at ADA, Salon Selectives III,
a group show of some elegant artists and a mish mash of ada art & artists. Dont' miss.
show runs through mid-january. OPENS SATURDAY DEC.13 , 7-10 pm.


for a private viewing email us -

Friday, November 21, 2008

Natalie Estrellita : crude show : Dec. 13 @ ada

There are so many hilarious and depressing (both usually at the same time) drawings by Natalie coming to our big group show in December. It's a Saturday event, perfect show for the Holiday season !

Monday, November 03, 2008


MATT FISHER (ada artist since forever)
TUESDAY NOV. 4 , 2008 12:15 pm
in the "FISHBOWL" rm.301
1000 West Broad (FINE ARTS BLDG)
at VCU.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This is a card from October 2007. Nathan Tersteeg, Charles Yuen, and Langdon Graves.


STEPHEN HENDEE's spooky cool rapid prototype piece. this is work from 07-08, we showed some prototype pieces in Miami last year and the year before.
Below is an image of two wall hanging quilts which are derived from an absconded news station street banner on a light-post in Mitte, Berlin Germany in 1997. They each have two levels of fluorescent hunting fleece and are partially machine and hand sewn. They are roughly 60” x 80”. Stephen Hendee, education, MFA: Stanford, BFA : San Francisco Art Institute also the School of The Art Institute of Chicago and Skowhegan School of painting & sculpture. Hendee is currently a professor of art at University of Nevada Las Vegas.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

past:MARCH 2008:
CHRIS NORRIS, untitled, ink on paper.

past show @ ada 2005

work by RACHEL HAYES. I called it "miracle back pack", I forget the actual title. Rachel has new work going on now at our offsite location (OCT 2008)
go to our site for more info...

recent past: september 2008
MOLLY SCHWARTZ piece WHITE TIPS , 60” w x 19” h
, colored pencil on blue paper 2008. We exhibited this work at ADA along with her beautiful video works. Check her out website out :

This is our card from SCOPE MIAMI last year.
Stephen Hendee, Yuliya Lanina, Bruce Wilhelm, and others were featured.

This piece/project first debuted at ADA in November of 2006, then went to SCOPE MIAMI 2006 and was Walter Robinson's pick of the Basel Week 2006 (art net). Daniel was inside this cardboard booth drawing away doing self portraits about 1 per 2 minutes. Crazy. People really loved this. Daniel & ada did it again in 07 at 3rd Ward in Brooklyn.
Daniel and I went to art school (SFAI) back in the early 90's.
Check out his page at ... if you're smart and can afford one..
buy one!!

This is one of the first pieces in Bruce Wilhelm's horse series.
this exhibited at Scope NYC (SOLD)

ADA GALLERY (our blog restarted)

We began on Broad Street in downtown Richmond in 2003, without really knowing what we were starting. We were artists trying to provide something different, a 'for profit' gallery that exhibited work normally reserved for non profit spaces.
i'm going to make this blog a place to show all the images and ideas that went into ada and over the past five and a half years. Check out the main site for current info & artists.
above is an image of new work by artist Bruce Wilhelm, new show opens at ada
on November 7 ( 7-10) 2008 with Japanese born / brooklyn resident Motomichi Nakamura