Gian Pierotti at ADA GALLERY ( march 20 - april 20)

Stop by ADA gallery today. tomorrow. whenever... we've gone from almost never being open at broad street, to right now,
we're open seven days a week. I am heading to the NEXT fair soon in Chicago, which will force us to close for a bit, but that'll be after this show comes down. So get your butt or butts over to ada gallery today! In case you forgot, it's 228 west broad on the corner of broad and madison. Gian Pierotti is currently a student in the grad crafts dept. of vcu. he's an awesome man w/ talents galore. Not the least of which is an amazing Snagglepuss impersonation! Also showing with Gian, is John Coburn, who lives in Brooklyn. His work is inspired by the automobile... remember those wagons?

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