Nina Bovasso and Bruce Wilhelm at Mulherin Pollard Projects

Join us for the reception Friday May 6th from 6-8pm at Mulherin Pollard Projects

Nina Bovasso's What's Your Bubble? and Bruce Wilhelm's Airlock

Nina Bovasso presents a new series of small works on paper where her signature densely constructed, colorful, abstract ‘mound’ form is given levity with the addition of legs and feet appropriated from the human form, Disney and Breughel.

Richmond, Virgina born artist Bruce Wilhelm’s latest series of paintings take their inspiration from Shopenhauer's black box to Carl Sagan's Cosmos, turned pizza box. In Wilhelm’s psychedelic landscapes, he hopes to take the viewer to the megaliths of Mars.

This exhibition of two artists’ one-person shows, will be Mulherin and Pollard’s final exhibit at our Tenth Avenue space. A new Lower East Side location is soon to be announced.


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